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CPD Certification

The course is fully certified by the CPD, ensuring that you receive a recognised and accredited qualification. This certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality education, giving you the confidence that you are engaging in a valuable and reputable learning experience.

Lead with Impact: practical skills for non-HR Managers

CPD-Certified Expertise

Elevate your professional journey with a course that stands out. Our "HR for non-HR Manager" program isn't just another online offering—it's CPD-certified excellence. This prestigious accreditation from the Continuing Professional Development organisation sets you apart, signalling that you're investing in education that's recognised and respected across industries. By enrolling in our course, you're embracing top-tier learning that adds real value to your skill set and career trajectory. Equip yourself with a badge of distinction that demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and mastery.

Practical Skills for Real Impact

Being a non-HR manager doesn't mean you can't excel in HR. Our course is your ticket to becoming a dynamic leader who understands the intricacies of employee engagement, effective communication and conflict resolution. You'll delve into strategies that go beyond theory, gaining practical skills that truly make a difference. Uncover the secrets to crafting a thriving workplace where team members are motivated, collaboration flows effortlessly and productivity soars. Navigate complex conversations with confidence, knowing you're armed with actionable techniques to lead your team to success.

Transform Theory into Practice

Tired of courses that leave you wondering how to apply what you've learned? Our "HR for non-HR Manager" course bridges the gap between theory and practice. From the moment you step into our program, you'll be equipped to implement your HR insights directly into your role. Whether you're focused on enhancing performance, nurturing staff mental health or establishing impactful policies, you won't have to wait to put your new knowledge to work. Walk away from each module with strategies you can immediately apply, creating real change and adding tangible value to your organisation.

By completing the online course, participants will:

  • Develop a Strategic HR Perspective: gain a comprehensive understanding of human resource management, enabling you to align HR practices with organisational goals and strategies.
  • Master Recruitment and Selection: acquire the skills to effectively recruit, interview and select candidates that fit your team's needs, ensuring a strong foundation for team success.
  • Foster Employee Engagement: learn strategies to engage and motivate your team, create a positive work culture and enhance overall employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Implement Performance Management: gain the ability to implement performance management practices, conduct appraisals and create learning and development plans that nurture individual and team growth.
  • Promote Staff Mental Health: understand the importance of mental health in the workplace, raise awareness and develop a framework to support employee well-being, promoting a healthier work environment.
  • Cultivate Mindfulness: explore mindfulness techniques that enhance focus, reduce stress and promote well-being within your team, ultimately leading to improved performance and collaboration.
  • Navigate Difficult Conversations: develop the skills to confidently manage challenging discussions, address conflicts and foster effective communication to maintain a harmonious work atmosphere.
  • Navigate Employment Law: understand key employment laws, including maternity, paternity, adoption rights, sickness management, discipline, grievances and termination, ensuring compliance and fair treatment of employees.
  • Craft Effective Policies: access and adapt sample policies and procedures that align with industry best practices, ensuring you can create a well-structured work environment.
  • Earn CPD Certification: upon successful completion of the course and assessment, receive a CPD certificate that validates your HR expertise and commitment to continuous learning.

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What will you gain by taking part in the course?

New, current trends

During the lectures of this course, participants will gain invaluable insights into strategic HR practices tailored for non-HR managers. They'll develop a comprehensive understanding of employee engagement strategies, performance management techniques and adeptly navigate complex legal aspects. Through expert guidance, they'll realise how impactful HR management enhances team dynamics, supports mental well-being and ultimately empowers them to excel in their roles, driving both personal growth and organisational success.

New skills

Participants will acquire a range of essential skills through this course, including the ability to navigate challenging conversations with confidence, effectively recruit and select candidates and establish a supportive work environment that promotes mental well-being. They'll gain proficiency in crafting and implementing HR policies that adhere to legal standards, and they'll develop strategic insights into performance management and employee engagement, enabling them to lead and manage teams with competence and impact.


Participants will actively engage in hands-on practice throughout the course, applying theoretical concepts to real-world situations. Through interactive exercises, case studies, and simulated HR challenges, they will refine their skills in recruitment, employee engagement and handling difficult conversations, ensuring immediate and effective application in their professional roles. This practical experience fosters a deeper understanding of HR management, empowering participants to navigate complexities with confidence.


Experience round-the-clock availability to course materials on any device, allowing for convenient learning at your chosen time and location. Utilise downloadable resources such as notes, videos, slides and assessments to bolster your comprehension, driving better outcomes. Embrace the freedom to learn at your individual pace and leverage a comprehensive online learning experience accessible throughout the entire year.


arrow_forward_iosModule 1
- Human Resource planning
arrow_forward_iosModule 2
- Staff Recruitment
arrow_forward_iosModule 3
- Staff Retention and Employee Engagement
arrow_forward_iosModule 4
- Successful Performance Management
arrow_forward_iosModule 5
- Supporting Staff Mental Health
arrow_forward_iosModule 6
- An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace
arrow_forward_iosModule 7
- Having a Difficult Conversations
arrow_forward_iosModule 8
- Employment Law Essentials
arrow_forward_iosModule 9
- Sample Policies and Procedures

Module 1: Human Resource planning

  • What is HR planning and where to start?
  • Gathering information – internal and external.
  • Analysing data and putting it all together.
  • The benefits of HR planning.

Module 2: Staff Recruitment

  • Requirements of the role.
  • Candidate attraction.
  • Candidate selection.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Hiring and pre-employment checks.
  • Maintaining recruitment files.
  • Contract preparation.
  • Inductions.

Module 3: Staff Retention and Employee Engagement

  • What is employee engagement?
  • Teams, team leaders and wellbeing.
  • Assessing current levels of engagement.
  • Engagement strategies.
  • Engagement during change.

Module 4: Successful Performance Management

  • What is performance management?
  • Implementing performance management.
  • Conducting appraisals.
  • Learning and development.
  • Under performance.

Module 5: Supporting Staff Mental Health

  • What is mental health?
  • Raising awareness and reducing stigma.
  • Mental health framework.
  • Supporting staff mental health.
  • Legal obligations.

Module 6: An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • What is mindfulness?
  • The definition of mindfulness.
  • How do we practice mindfulness?
  • Identifying mindfulness.
  • Organisational benefits of mindfulness.
  • Neurological responses of the brain.
  • Guided meditation.

Module 7: Having a Difficult Conversations

  • Common scenarios.
  • Plan and prepare.
  • The conversation.
  • Overcoming obstacles and responding to challenging behaviour.
  • Do’s and don'ts.

Module 8: Employment Law Essentials

  • Maternity, paternity and adoption.
  • Managing sickness and absence.
  • Discipline.
  • Grievance.
  • Termination of employment.

Module 9: Sample Policies and Procedures

  • Model documents for the course.
  • Downloadable resources.
  • How do customers rate the course?

How do customers rate the course?

This course is a game-changer! As a non-HR professional, I finally have the skills to handle complex team dynamics and employee engagement strategies.

John D.

This course felt tailor-made for me. The course design is intuitive, making learning effortless. A definite thumbs up!

Alex P.

The focus on practical skills like employee engagement and difficult conversations was exactly what I needed. The CPD certification is a huge plus.

Sophia K.

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