FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course is different. It could take from a week to even 6 months. It depends on the course you have chosen, the difficulty level of the course and the amount of time you wish to dedicate. The beauty of online on-demand learning is that it allows you to fit your studies around your lifestyle and other commitments.
On the course description page you can see the course duration in weeks and the weekly study time in hours. The course duration describes the number of weeks of content in the course.


Are the courses fully online, and are there any requirements in order to gain access?

Our courses are 100% online and we do not have any requirements to access the course you've chosen.
Courses on UniqSkills are designed to be self-guided, which means the content is made up of pre-recorded videos and/or written content that can be browsed in your own time.
The course level spans from the Beginner Level, for newcomers to the subject, up through Advanced, for those wanting to develop their existing skills, to the most challenging and difficult, which is Expert – our high-quality courses which help acquire new skills, update their existing knowledge and signal the competencies they already have in the industry or area of interest.


Can I receive a receipt or invoice for my order?

Message us at cs@uniqskills.com. Please remember to mention the order number and the email address linked to your UniqSkills account.

What to do if I haven't received a confirmation email?

We're sorry to hear that and recommend checking your junk/spam folder for both cs@uniqskills.com and hello@uk.uniqskills.com and making an exception for those emails in your spam filters.
If you’re still having problems receiving UniqSkills communication please contact our support team at cs@uniqskills.com and we will get back to you with further instructions.


What to do if I no longer wish to receive newsletters or emails?

We’re sorry to hear you decided to opt-out of our newsletter list. You can always click the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of our newsletter. If you’re still having problems with opting out please contact our support team at cs@uniqskills.com


Can I change the name on my certificate?

To make any changes to the name that will appear on your certificate you need to contact our support team at cs@uniqskills.co.uk and update the First Name and Last Name you wish to appear on your Certificate.


What to do if I wasn’t able to complete the course in time?

We’re sorry to hear that you weren’t able to complete your course but we also understand that sometimes life can get in the way; that’s why we may be willing to extend your access to the course. Please contact our support team at cs@uniqskills.com, and give a brief explanation, we will review your request and one of our agents will get back to you with further information.


How to reach the UniqSkills Support Team?

When you have a question or encounter a problem, there are a couple of different ways to get help:

  • You can do a quick search in our FAQs section to check if this question has already been asked.
  • Otherwise, describe your question in the contact form at the bottom of the main page on UniqSkills.co.uk – 'Ask a question'
  • We are also advising you to reach out to us at cs@uniqskills.co.uk with a brief message regarding your enquiry and we will make sure that the right representative gets back to you shortly. You can expect to hear back from our team in 1-2 business days.

Please keep in mind that our team reviews enquiries in the order they were submitted, so sometimes it may take a little longer.


Do you have questions? Contact us: cs@uniqskills.com