The Pupil Premium Strategies: CPD-certified Comprehensive Online Guide

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Comprehensive CPD Certification

The course is fully certified by the CPD, ensuring that you receive a recognised and accredited qualification. This certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality education, giving you the confidence that you are engaging in a valuable and reputable learning experience.

Empower Your Educational Journey

Elevate Your Career Prospects

The Pupil Premium is not only an opportunity for professional growth but also a stepping stone to advancing your career in education. With CPD certification and specialsed knowledge in implementing effective Pupil Premium strategies, you'll stand out as a dedicated and accomplished educator.

Close the Attainment Gap

Gain powerful strategies and insights to effectively bridge the attainment gap among students. This course empowers educators with practical tools to identify barriers, tailor interventions, and utilise data-driven decision-making, equipping them to create an inclusive learning environment.

Enhance Well-being and Social Mobility

Beyond academics, this course addresses the crucial aspects of student well-being and social mobility. Learn how to foster emotional and mental health support, build positive behavior, and collaborate with families and communities.

Unlock the Potential of Every Student

During the course, you will learn the following:
  • Knowledge of Pupil Premium policies, eligibility criteria, and national guidelines.
  • Definition and identification of disadvantage in the context of Pupil Premium.
  • Strategies to identify barriers to learning and address diverse needs effectively.
  • Data-driven decision-making to implement targeted interventions.
  • Intelligent use of data to determine Pupil Premium priorities and aims.
  • Aligning spending decisions with the school improvement plan for maximum impact.
  • Techniques to support emotional and mental health, positive behaviour, and attendance.
  • Collaborative efforts with families and communities to promote social mobility.
  • Identifying crossovers between Pupil Premium and Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  • Suitable interventions for students with additional and complex needs.
  • Measuring success and progress to evaluate the effectiveness of Pupil Premium strategies.
  • Utilising internal and external evidence to inform continuous improvement.
  • Understanding how Ofsted assesses Pupil Premium strategies during inspections.
  • Evidencing spending decisions and involving stakeholders effectively.
  • Knowledge of the grant conditions and funding allocations.
  • Guidelines for appropriate spending and utilisation of Pupil Premium funds.

Course author:

Here are some compelling reasons to consider enrolling in this course:

What will you gain by taking part in the course?

New, current trends

During the lectures of "The Pupil Premium Strategies: CPD-certified Comprehensive Online Guide" course, participants will gain a deep understanding of Pupil Premium policies, eligibility, and strategies to close the attainment gap. They will receive insights into fostering student well-being, promoting social mobility, and effectively utilising funding. The course will guide them on evidence-based decision-making, aligning spending with school improvement plans, and preparing for successful inspections, helping them recognise the importance of Pupil Premium in creating equitable and impactful learning environments.

New skills

By taking this course, you will learn new skills in identifying barriers to learning and implementing targeted interventions to close the attainment gap effectively. They will develop expertise in aligning spending decisions with the school improvement plan and utilising data-driven strategies to measure progress and evaluate the effectiveness of Pupil Premium interventions. Additionally, participants will acquire practical techniques for fostering student well-being, promoting social mobility, and collaborating with families and communities to support their students' overall development.


Participants will engage in practical exercises, including analysing scenarios and interventions, while also facing multiple-choice tests after each module. Utilising data sets to align funding with school improvement goals and measuring the effectiveness of Pupil Premium strategies, these hands-on practices ensure participants can apply their knowledge effectively in real educational settings and reinforce their understanding through module assessments.


The course offers unparalleled accessibility, granting you 24/7 availability to all materials on any device, enabling convenient learning at your preferred time and location. With downloadable resources like notes, videos, slides, and assessments, you can stay on track and enhance your understanding, leading to improved results. Embrace the flexibility to learn at your own pace and make the most of a comprehensive online learning experience, accessible 365 days a year.


arrow_forward_iosModule 1
Policy, Eligibility And National Guidance
arrow_forward_iosModule 2
Identifying Barriers In Your School: No One Size Fits All
arrow_forward_iosModule 3
Effective Use – Strategy And Planning
arrow_forward_iosModule 4
Making A Success Of Interventions And Support
arrow_forward_iosModule 5
Sen And The Pupil Premium - Raising Achievement
arrow_forward_iosModule 6
Beyond Attainment - Wellbeing And Social Mobility
arrow_forward_iosModule 7
Monitoring And Evaluating Effectiveness
arrow_forward_iosModule 8
Ofsted And Inspecting Pupil Premium Spend
arrow_forward_iosModule 9
Conditions Of The Grant

Module 1: Policy, Eligibility And National Guidance

  • Who is eligible for Pupil Premium?
  • What does ‘disadvantage’ mean?
  • Latest DfE policy and guidance
  • Accountability and reporting
  • An overview: Education Endowment Fund (EEF) Guidance
  • Closing the attainment gap: where are we now and what more do we need to do?

Module 2: Identifying Barriers In Your School: No One Size Fits All

  • Why is there a gap?
  • What are the barriers to learning?
  • Assessing and meeting different needs
  • Language and literacy skills
  • The Matthew Effect and building Cultural Capital

Module 3: Effective Use – Strategy And Planning

  • Pupil Premium priorities and top tips
  • Determining your targets and aims
  • Intelligent use of data and utilising your funding in the right areas
  • Aligning spend with your whole school improvement plan
  • Benchmarking and the national picture – examples of good practice

Module 4: Making A Success Of Interventions And Support

Develop a comprehensive school policy to enhance attendance, define roles and responsibilities, and learn effective consultation techniques with parents to foster a collaborative approach.

  • Teaching, TA and staff deployment
  • Individualised and tailored approaches
  • 121 and small group intervention
  • Frequent assessment data and decision-making
  • Whole-school and non-academic strategies

Module 5: Sen And The Pupil Premium - Raising Achievement

  • Assessing the crossovers between Pupil Premium and SEN
  • Suitable interventions for additional and complex needs
  • Teaching and making effective use of TAs
  • Working with parents/ carers
  • Collaborative working and support

Module 6: Beyond Attainment - Wellbeing And Social Mobility

  • Emotional and mental health support
  • Behaviour and attendance
  • Working with families and communities
  • The school’s role in facilitating social mobility – how can this be achieved?

Module 7: Monitoring And Evaluating Effectiveness

  • How can we measure success?
  • Gathering evidence and tracking progress
  • Evaluating spend and value for money
  • Using internal evidence to improve PP practice
  • Using external research evidence – what works?

Module 8: Ofsted And Inspecting Pupil Premium Spend

  • How will Ofsted assess your Pupil Premium strategy?
  • Evidencing spending decisions – good record keeping
  • Involving governors and trustees
  • Displaying effective oversight
  • Avoiding common inspection failures

Module 9: Conditions Of The Grant

Learn strategies for recording and monitoring late arrivals, explore approaches to improve punctuality for individual children, and discover whole school strategies for enhancing punctuality.

  • How much Pupil Premium funding will mainstream schools get?
  • How much Pupil Premium will alternative provision schools get?
  • What is the eligibility criteria?
  • When will Pupil Premium be paid?
  • How can Pupil Premium be spent?

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